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New TLD Battle: .Eco vs. .Green

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TLDH hedges its bets with .green bid.

On May 7 I tweeted:

The answer is “yes”.

Top Level Domain Holdings, one of the companies embroiled in a battle over .eco, has applied for .green. It could merely be a calculated bet by TLDH given the potential for a hold up on .eco. .Eco has long been contested, has a trademark fight, and is now in court.

I don’t know with certainty that this is an attempt to “hold off” the most visible .green applicant, DotGreen Community, Inc. It could instead by a decision to go after a less contested domain. But .green will clearly compete with .eco, and I don’t see both winning.

DotGreen Community has been around since 2007 and has already spent a lot of money promoting its domain. But if it thinks it has created a “community” and will be the presumptive winner of a .green bid, they should probably think again. Remember, TLDH has former ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush on its team. I also suspect others may apply for .green.

Frankly, I think .green is a better name than .eco. If I were TLDH and facing a battle over .eco, I’d just go for .green anyway.

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DotGreen to Battle DotEco

September 23,, .green, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, new tldsComments Off on DotGreen to Battle DotEco

DotGreen to take on DotEco.

DotGreenWhen I wrote my tongue-in-cheek guide on how to my .Eco a success, I joked:

Make sure the other side doesn’t decide to just get .green instead. You need to get their heads stuck on .eco. If they opt for .green, you could have long term competition. And that’s not what this is about; you need to get a monopoly TLD.

I should have done some fact checking, because, buried beneath all of the hoopla around .eco, a group has announced .green.

And, according to a press release about the group choosing Neustar as its registry provider, it was their idea first:

Conceived in 2007, .green was the first environmental TLD proposed to international environmental groups, and the DotGreen Registry Corporation remains the only announced non-profit public benefit corporation to seek such an environmental domain. DotGreen accepts philanthropic donations, has no owners or shareholders, and will give 100% of its profits to hundreds of green projects and green organizations aimed at sustainability in every region of the world.

So this begs the question, what would companies do if there’s both .eco and .green? Which one will win? Will GE choose both a .eco and .green, or will it forward one to the other? Or will it just go with It might create an entirely new category of defensive registrations.

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