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Elephant Orchestra Breaks Out at DOMAINfest

October 8, 2010Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, elephant orchestra, elephant traffic, jan bartaComments Off on Elephant Orchestra Breaks Out at DOMAINfest

Web startup opens up its doors during conference in Prague.

Elephant Orchestra has been a relatively quiet company in the domain name space. Sure, it released Elephant Traffic and presented at DOMAINfest in January. But it used DOMAINfest Prague, where the company is located, to really unveil itself.

I checked out the company’s offices this week. The company started in a small apartment, moved into a small office, and then started breaking down the walls to expand their office space. They might need more office space soon — they’ve quickly grown to 45 employees.

The coolest part of the office is the roof, which has a panoramic view of Prague. The photo below really doesn’t do it justice, but it gives you an idea:

Elephant Orchestra

Company founder Jan Barta held a party at his apartment Tuesday night and he lent one of his cars as an official conference vehicle:

Elephant Orchestra

I expect you’ll be hearing a lot more about this company in the future.

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