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.Jobs foes to ICANN: Hurry up, open up, and get a spine

December 7,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employ media, Policy & LawComments Off on .Jobs foes to ICANN: Hurry up, open up, and get a spine

Coalition calls out ICANN for apparent lack of progress in dealing with Employ Media.

The .Jobs Charter Compliance Coalition, a group of job boards opposed to expansion of the .jobs namespace, has sent a letter (pdf) to ICANN’s CEO and Board of Directors asking it to hurry up, open up, and get a spine.

Hurry Up
The letter admonishes ICANN for an apparent lack of progress in its arbitration proceedings with .jobs registry Employ Media, or at least not updating the community on the status. It states that it’s been over four months since ICANN submitted its answer to arbitration, but it doesn’t appear that a mandatory third arbitrator has been assigned to the case:

Unfortunately, this consensual delay plays right into the hands of the rogue registry operator. As the arbitration idles in its dormant state, Employ Media and its alliance partner DirectEmployers Association (“DirectEmployers”) have aggressively expanded the reach of non-compliant Dot Jobs Universe, which was the very basis for the issuance of the breach notice. This continuing delay only emboldens the defiance of Employ Media and DirectEmployers in the operation of their non-compliant program, which inflicts continuing harm on members of the human resources community and other parties adversely affected by Employ Media’s unwarranted expansion of the .JOBS Top-Level Domain (“TLD”).

Open Up
The coalition also blasts ICANN for failing to disclose a number of communications regarding .jobs and its “beta test” of using non company .jobs domain names for a job board. Among other concerns, the coalition said ICANN should have disclosed certain communications before a public comment period for an amendment to the .jobs contract.

Get a Spine
The coalition also claims that ICANN needs to get a spine when it comes to enforcing its contracts, tying in with the planned launch of new top level domains:

In his address at the opening ceremony at ICANN’s March 2011 meeting in San Francisco, U.S. Commerce Assistant Secretary Larry Strickling emphasized that ICANN and its Board needed to focus on developing improvements to its accountability and transparency. However, given the launch of the new gTLD initiative in which ICANN will be responsible for the oversight of hundreds of new gTLDs, the deficient manner in which ICANN has prosecuted a clear case of non-compliance raises serious doubts as to the credibility of ICANN’s governance methods, and runs counter to Secretary Strickling’s goal that ICANN maintain a foundation of strong accountability and transparency.

If nothing else I expect ICANN will now disclose more information about the progress of the arbitration on its web site. But I also expect it to keep this swept under the rug until after the new TLD application window opens.

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Job Boards Launch Another Attack on .Jobs Registry

May 12,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employ media, Policy & LawComments Off on Job Boards Launch Another Attack on .Jobs Registry

Monster, CareerBuilder, and others write open letter to ICANN.

The .Jobs Charter Compliance Coalition, whose membership consists of online job boards, has sent an “open letter” to ICANN regarding Employ Media’s request for arbitration over .jobs.

The Coalition says that its letter is to “address the Request’s numerous inconsistencies, omissions and mischaracterizations” in Employ Media’s request for arbitration.

The letter states:

The Coalition believes that Employ Media simply cannot provide any reasonable response that would explain away the indisputable fact that the Charter does not permit the operation of job boards that advertise job openings for multiple employers. The Charter clearly envisions internal human resource management personnel utilizing .JOBS domains exclusively for their own companies and organizations. The .JOBS domain was not meant as a forum for Employ Media and its conspiring alliance partner DirectEmployers Association (“DirectEmployers”) to operate a massive job board – which is exactly what the Dot Jobs Universe represents. The registration of tens of thousands of second-level domain names by one bulk registrant for this improper purpose is entirely inconsistent with both the intent of the .JOBS TLD and ICANN’s policies, and represents a terrible precedent for the anticipated launch of the new gTLD initiative.

I think this is true, although it also seems to me that ICANN’s board gave the green light to Employ Media to go forward with its initiative. Someone (or an entire board) was asleep at the wheel there.

The group also points out how Employ Media completely disregarded the charter by starting without permission. Employ Media later called it a “beta test”:

The beta test utilized noncompanyname domain name designations when that practice was clearly prohibited at the time by the Registry Agreement. Although Employ Media portrays the beta test as an experiment taken in the best interests of the .JOBS community, the more accurate explanation is that both Employ Media and DirectEmployers were conspiring to develop methods to monetize the .JOBS TLD to their own financial advantage.

You can read the full letter here (pdf).

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Fight Over .Jobs is About to Cost Domain Name Owners

May 3,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employ media, Policy & LawComments Off on Fight Over .Jobs is About to Cost Domain Name Owners

Legal bills could start coming in as two sides bicker of .jobs domain name.

An argument between .jobs registry Employ Media and ICANN has already cost some legal dollars, and I have a feeling it’s about to get more expensive.

Although the two parties are technically in a process of “Cooperative Engagement”, recent correspondence is not favorable. In fact, the parties are sending correspondence about correspondence.

On April 22 counsel for Employ Media sent a stern letter to ICANN complaining that ICANN had published communication between the two parties:

My client, Employ Media, and I are most disappointed by the fact that your client, ICANN, posted certain communications related to the current Cooperative Engagement process, and that it did so without an opportunity for discussion, despite my request that you not proceed with posting our communications until I had reverted to you. We are equally disappointed by the fact that, during all of the various discussions I had with you, you never once raised with me the prospect that ICANN would be posting any of the communications between the parties. In light of this apparent bad faith action on ICANN’s part, Employ Media is q uestioningwhether any hope remains for a full and fair exchange of ideas regarding a resolution of its dispute with ICANN.

ICANN’s counsel responded on April 26, stating that publishing the correspondence was important to meeting its transparency objectives. It also said that one of the complaints ICANN made to Employ Media in its breach notice was that the .jobs community wasn’t fully aware of changes being made to .jobs…so publishing these letters is important for making the .jobs community aware.

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ICANN May Shut Down .Jobs Registry

February 28,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employ media, Policy & LawComments Off on ICANN May Shut Down .Jobs Registry

ICANN threatens to shut down .jobs, even after approving its “registry service”.

ICANN has notified .jobs registry Employ Media LLC that it is in breach of its contract at ICANN, and the contract is subject to cancellation if the breach isn’t corrected within 30 days.

That this breach letter (pdf) is going out now shows a massive failure on the part of ICANN. (More on that in a bit.)

In a letter dated February 27, ICANN informs Employ Media that it has failed to establish policies that conform with the “intent and purpose” of the .Jobs Charter.

ICANN notes that the rules for registered a .jobs domain name make it so that basically anyone can register domains, not just human resources professionals. For example, any member of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) can register domains. But the letter states that all it takes to become a member of is a $40 payment.

ICANN also addresses, a scheme by which thousands of niche job boards are being created:

It is our understanding that one registrant, who is a member of SHRM, registered forty thousand second-level domain names in the .JOBS TLD for use on this job board. It appears that Employ Media and SHRM, through the Direct Employers Association, intend to use the .JOBS TLD primarily to compete with other internet job boards. Such use is inconsistent with the purpose stated in the .JOBS Charter and represented to the ICANN community. As opposed to numerous, international, human resource management professionals registering second-level .JOBS domain names, it appears one US-based registrant is registering thousands of second-level .JOBS domain names. These registrations appear to serve the interests of the registrant or company causing the registrations, as well as Employ Media and SHRM rather than the interests of the human resource management professionals.

So why is this a massive failure on the part of ICANN?

Because this issue has been in ICANN’s face for a long, long time. ICANN’s board approved a “registry service” that enabled the project. The organization even reviewed its Board’s decision.

Now, at the end of February, after all of this has gone into effect, ICANN’s compliance department brings it up with Employ Media?

It would seem that this should have been addressed a long time ago if it was an issue. ICANN was clearly aware of what was going on.

Although I don’t approve of the backdoor approach .jobs has taken to basically turn itself into a gTLD, I can also sympathize with Employ Media throwing their hands up in the air at this point and saying “WTF?”

(via DomainIncite)

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Battle Over .Jobs is Growing

July 14,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employ media, Policy & LawComments Off on Battle Over .Jobs is Growing

.Jobs debate “ends” Thursday.

I wrote last month about a move to open up the .jobs domain name. Currently only companies can register .jobs domains, and only with their company name (e.g. The group behind this sponsored TLD wants to open it up, with the idea of creating a ton of (million?) job boards using the domains. From

Previously, Employ Media [which runs .jobs under contract] began the process of creating a self-managed class of names in the .jobs tld. Called the shared domain beta test, many non-”companyname” .jobs domains were (and in many cases still are) registered to Employ Media. Employ Media “used” these domains in the DNS by redirecting them to a third party (the Direct Employers Association), who themselves “used” the domains by providing uniform, consistent content to all the domains in the shared beta test.

Essentially, .jobs has found a backdoor way to enter as an sTLD and create a structure that will allow it to operate as an open gTLD before other new gTLDs are launched, if its plans are approved. And, much like .travel, average joe’s probably won’t be able to get their hands on the good domain names because they will be kept under an arrangement with the registry to create job boards.

Plenty of people have voiced their opinions in a public comment period that ends tomorrow. It seems that most of the opposition is coming from job board owners, who complain both of new competition and lack of transparency. Those in favor include some members of Society for Human Resource Management, which makes policy decisions regarding .jobs under the .jobs charter. Of course, the .jobs registry and operator Employ Media stands to profit from this move.

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