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The .Jobs Backlash Has Begun

June 13,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, employmedia, Policy & LawComments Off on The .Jobs Backlash Has Begun

.Jobs process “stunk and lacked an open, honest, and transparent process” say some in career industry.

When .jobs was originally introduced as a top level domain name, the plan was to let companies register only their company name, and only for use promoting jobs at their company; e.g. and

The domain has floundered since so few domains could be registered. Hardly anyone even recognizes it as a URL when they see it.

But there’s money in them hills, so the inevitable expansion beyond the approved scope is under way. EmployMedia LLC just made its official request (pdf) to ICANN to release more .jobs domains last week.

Like many domain name processes, a lot of people don’t like how this one has played out. After all, .jobs was a sponsored TLD. Here’s what has to say:

Why should any job seeker, employer, job board owner, or other human resource professional care? Because the process stunk and lacked an open, honest, and transparent process. Despite SHRM’s many, many excellent conferences, publications, and other contributions to the human resource communities, it is making a terrible mistake here by seemingly washing its hands of a situation that it set in motion in 2005 when it partnered with Employ Media and petitioned ICANN to create the .jobs domain.

The approval specified that the .jobs domain names would be issued only with organization names and sold only to those organizations, so Microsoft could buy and Walmart could buy and use those domains to drive job seekers to their corporate career sites, but could not buy and drive candidates to its job board as we would have jobs from other organizations on our job board. Similarly, Microsoft could not buy domains such as or That’s all about to change and the only winner here is Employ Media.

Ted Daywalt of VetJobs is also unhappy.

The way existing job boards look at the opening of .jobs is either more competition or a shakedown to buy the equivalent .jobs domain.

Sounds a lot like the new TLD debate.

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