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Are you Going to Epik Developers Conference?

September 14, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, epik devconComments Off on Are you Going to Epik Developers Conference?

Conference starts Wednesday evening in Seattle.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Seattle for Epik’s first ever user conference called “Epik Developers Conference“. As a user conference and a first go-round, I expect attendance to be modest but the attendees to be enthusiastic and involved. The conference also includes a number of firsts:

-First conference you can buy a pass to by trading in your domain names instead of paying cash

-First conference with a domain swap event with a common swapping currency (which fixes the problem of most bartering systems — finding two people who have an exact match for each other)

-First conference with a social networking system that people are actually using

Coming from Texas, one of the best aspects of the conference is that it’s in Seattle. I’ll be leaving 95 degrees and humid and arriving in the world of 75 and crisp.

There’s already a social networking system for attendees, but if you’re attending go ahead and leave a comment here to help with advanced networking.

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