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.Ca Tops 1.5 Million Domains and Gets EPP

October 13,, cira, Domaining, Domainnamewire, epp, Policy & LawComments Off on .Ca Tops 1.5 Million Domains and Gets EPP

CIRA transitions registry system and hits a milestone.

.caCanadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has had a big week.

First, it transitioned its entire registry system to EPP. That’s welcome news for registrars carrying .ca, and it alleviates a lot of burdens on CIRA:

With the new system and policies, CIRA is effectively able to remove itself from many day-to-day transactions. Most transactions will be handled solely by CIRA certified Registrars. To ensure Registrants, the people and organizations who hold .CA domain names, continue to receive a high level of customer service, CIRA has introduced a mandatory technical and policy accreditation process for Registrars.

Second, the country code top level domain crossed the 1.5 million registrations mark. That’s about as many domains as are registered in .us. Canadian’s have embraced the .ca country code much more so than Americans have embraced .us. .Us has struggled thanks to the early adoption of .com in the country.

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