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Company Wants to Patent Error-Redirect Pages

April 29, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, error-redirect, Policy & LawComments Off on Company Wants to Patent Error-Redirect Pages

Patent application might step on a few toes.

It’s one of the most controversial practices undertaken by internet service providers. Now Hostway Corporation wants to patent it.

The company has filed a patent application (pdf) for “System and Method for Controlling Non-Existing Domain Traffic”. Non-existing domain traffic is when you type a domain name into your browser that doesn’t exist. Depending on your ISP, you might end up seeing a parked page instead of getting an error.

Hostway’s application involves methods of managing this traffic and forwarding it to these parked pages:

A system and method for controlling internet traffic controls internet traffic directed to a non-existing domain in a centralized manner. Instead of a non-existing domain response, the user may receive alternative responses such as a landing page including useful information and resourceful suggestions under the control of a global controller.

I suspect Paxfire might have a thing or two to say about this application.

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