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Estibot 2.0 Makes Finding and Contacting End Users Easy

February 1, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, end users, estibot 2.0Comments Off on Estibot 2.0 Makes Finding and Contacting End Users Easy

End user lead generator is a game changer.

End-users, end-users, blah, blah, blah. I get so tired of people talking about selling to end users, but expecting the domain exchanges to do all of the hard work for them. Until Estibot 2.0, contacting end users about buying your domain names was a lot of work. But the service has taken the grunt work out of the process, making it effortless to find potential buyers for your domains.

Here’s how it works. For any given domain, Estibot end-user leads system finds advertisers on Google for the domain’s term, searches for related domains that are inferior, and finds sites listed in search engines for similar keywords. It then checks for sites that are actually built, rather than parked. This should limit most results to end-users.

Today I did a Domain Leads search for Here are some of the results:

-Several company that purchases Adwords for “community relations”, which click data shows costs about $1.08 per click or $198 per month.
-Web sites with similar names but an added word in the domain
-Web sites with the same or similar name in inferior extensions (i.e., not .com)

This process saves a lot of time. But the search goes a step further by pulling all the data you need to contact the potential buyers. You can even use Estibot to e-mail all leads directly using a template. (As always, you should be careful sending multiple emails to sell domains. Estibot uses your current email provider. You should also consider if it’s worth calling instead of e-mailing.)

I have done a similar process in the past, but manually. It was also limited to companies with an inferior extension. It works.

To use the end-user lead tool, you need to upgrade to a Domainer Pro Exclusive account. This costs $39.95 per month, which basically pays for itself in terms of time saved after just searching on one domain.

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