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DomainTools and Estibot are Domainer Favorites

March 10, 2011Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, domaintools, estibotComments Off on DomainTools and Estibot are Domainer Favorites

Domain investors share their favorite tools.

What are your go-to tools for domaining?

I’m guessing DomainTools is one of your most frequented sites.

45% of people who took this year’s Domain Name Wire Survey said DomainTools was the “software or hosted application that is most valuable to their domain name business for research and management.”

Nearly 14% said the same thing about domain pricing and sales system Estibot.

After that usage drops off significantly. Between 4%-6% of survey respondents selected one of the following:

Domain Research Tool
Fresh Drop

No one system seems to manage everything that a domainer needs for business. Perhaps that’s good; most tools focus on a core competency and do it rather well.

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DomainTools Selected as Top Domain Research and Management Tool

February 15, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, domaintools, estibotComments Off on DomainTools Selected as Top Domain Research and Management Tool

Whois service gets MVP.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that the top domain tool is, well, DomainTools.

The popular whois service was selected as the “most valuable” software or hosted application for domain research and management, according to respondents in the 5th Annual Domain Name Wire Survey.

39% of those surveyed picked DomainTools, nearly three times as many as the next highest vote-getter.

Here are the top five results:

1. DomainTools (39%)
2. FreshDrop (14%) – expired domain evaluation system
3. Estibot (14%) – domain appraisal and sales system
4. Domain Research Tool (5%)
5. Watch My Domains (4%) – domain portfolio management

What’s interesting about the top five are that none of them are really “competitors” of the other. From expired domains to domain sales to domain prospecting, each helps domainers with a distinctly different part of their business.

A handful of write-in votes were received for Google’s free keyword tool and

More survey results are available here.

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Estibot 2.0 is a Domainer’s Dream

February 1, 2010domain appraisal, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, estibotComments Off on Estibot 2.0 is a Domainer’s Dream

Estibot 2.0 public beta offers better valuation algorithms and new tools.

Frequent readers of Domain Name Wire know that I’m not always a fan of automated appraisals. It’s not the appraisals themselves that I dislike; it’s how domainers misuse the numbers. The best part of automated appraisals is less the final number, and more the data used to get to that final number.

Consider the time I wrote about a big domain sale, and a reader promptly emailed me to say the seller got a horrible deal because an automated appraisal said it was worth twice as much.

Perhaps the most popular automated appraisal service is Estibot. A couple months ago Estibot started its Estibot 2.0 beta. Today it switched the DNS to unveil 2.0 to all visitors. It’s a huge improvement over the previous Estibot, and goes way beyond the appraisal. Later today I’ll write about Estibot’s “Domain Leads” system for selling domains to end users. It’s incredible. But first, let’s look at the appraisals.

Compared to Estibot 1.0, the appraisal numbers seem quite accurate. I ran a few of my domains in the system today:


Now, do I agree with all of the numbers? Of course not. But that’s why you get to see the underlying data, and that’s what’s important. Take a look at, for example. This appraises low. As you can see, there are no ads for the term, it has few search results, and basically no searches. It’s a brandable name, though, so of course I wouldn’t sell it for $50. The domains that do have some advertisers and data fall in line with my expectations.

Here’s how I would used Estibot’s bulk appraisal tool:
-Scan auction lists to look for outliers where the appraisal is much higher than the reserve. Investigate to see why this is, and if you’ve found a good buy.
-Scan dropping domain lists to look for potential diamonds in the rough. (Estibot pre-downloads and scans these lists for users.)
-Review your own portfolio to see if there are domains you should consider developing (due to advertiser demand) or should be moved to the top of your sales queue.
-Use underlying data and appraisal as guidance when buying or selling a domain.

When using the service, keep in mind that Estibot 2.0 is still in beta.

Estibot remains free for basic services on a limited basis, with upgrade options for bulk users and advanced tools. One tool that requires an upgraded membership — the End-User Lead Generator — is so powerful you’ll want to spend the money. More on that later today.

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