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How Network Solutions Notifies Customers about Expiring Domain Names

February 2, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, expired domain names, Expired Domains, Network SolutionsComments Off on How Network Solutions Notifies Customers about Expiring Domain Names

Registrar explains its expiration notification policy.

A lot of times domain name registrars get the blame when their customers forget to renew domain names. “I didn’t get the notice” is a common line.

Of course, you can easily say the opposite. Really, how many emails does GoDaddy need to send me about my expiring domain names? It may seem like they trip all over themselves to get you to renew domain names. And that’s exactly the point.

In the wake South African Airways forgetting to renew its domain name, Network Solutions has penned a blog post about why it pesters customers to renew. It explains its notifications:

We start sending domain renewal notices 75 days from the expiration date, then again on day 45, day 20 and day 10. If we get a bounce back from the email address that’s on file on day 20, then we send a written notice to the registrant’s physical address on file.

Sending postal mail based on a bounce back is great — and something most registrars don’t do.

In the case of South African Airways, it appears their outsourced technical team was actually the group to drop the ball. The email address in whois is dns(at), which is a South African web company.

ICANN has been looking into how domain names expire. My message has always been that more notifications to registrants aren’t necessary. The reason valuable domain names expire is because the registrant has incorrect contact information. More bounced emails won’t solve that problem.

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