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8 TLDs I’ll Express an Interest In

December 8, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, expression of interest, icann, Policy & Law, top level domainsComments Off on 8 TLDs I’ll Express an Interest In

At $100 a pop, I’d submit an Expression of Interest for a bunch of new top level domain names.

Tomorrow ICANN’s board will consider accepting “expressions of interest” for new top level domains from applicants. On DNW Radio a couple weeks ago, Minds + Machines founder Antony Van Couvering suggested that these expressions of interest require a $55,000 payment. I agree that a substantial fee should be required to make it predictive of actual applications.

Others have suggested a lower fee, such as $100. At that price point, count me in. I want to throw my hat in the ring for a handful of new TLDs, just for the fun of it. Here are 8 TLDs I want and why.

.Catholic – The Pope won’t be excited about this. But think of the marketing opportunity! I’ll charge $1,000 per domain, which includes forgiveness for one sin or a marriage annulment.

.Things – The .sport Policy Advisory Council thinks no one should be able to apply for a TLD that falls “below” .sport, such as .basketball. So I’ll apply for .things and say .sport shouldn’t exist. I figure I’ll save .sport a lot of wasted money, anyway. Who would really want a .sport domain name?

.xxx – I’m just pushing along the arbitration process here.

.Comm – This stands for communists. Seriously, that’s the only reason I want one of these.

.Mobile – Can .mobi fight this?

.Park – All domains under .park will be parked.

.Advertising – Uh oh, here come AOL’s lawyers.

.You – After seeing how much fun people had thinking up names like, I think this TLD will be a hit.

Feel free to add your own.

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