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Fannie Mae Launches $50,000 Web Site

August 4, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, fannie mae, UncategorizedComments Off on Fannie Mae Launches $50,000 Web Site

Mortgage backer launches web site at $50k domain name.

Fannie Mae has launched a new web site at, a domain name the company purchased for $50,000 in June. The company, which was bailed out by U.S. taxpayers, bought the domain name through domain broker Sedo. Hopefully a U.S. citizen sold the domain name to them to make up for his higher taxes.

As expected, the site (warning: annoying auto-play talking person on site) details homeowners’ options when they are behind on their mortgage payments or are facing foreclosure.

You might debate the merits of a company in Fannie Mae’s situation spending $50,000 on a domain name. But if it hadn’t received public assistance, we’d say this was a smart move. After all, it’s an intuitive and memorable domain name. It’s also a .com; and many companies in Fannie’s situation would have gone with .org and lost traffic to the existing .com. As for the .org, it’s registered by a different entity but forwards to the .com.

And it only cost each U.S. citizen a small fraction of a cent.

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Fannie Mae Spends $50,000 to Buy Domain Name

June 29, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, fannie mae, sedoComments Off on Fannie Mae Spends $50,000 to Buy Domain Name

Fannie Mae dips into pockets to buy

Mortgage backer Fannie Mae has spent $50,000 (of basically your money) to buy the domain name The site will no doubt explain your options if you find yourself behind on your mortgage.

The deal tied another domain name — — for the top spot at domain broker Sedo this week. The seller of is Steve Newman. He was president of GreatDomains back in the day and also owns, a fully developed social network for music fans. Coincidentally, Sedo now owns GreatDomains.

The domain was purchased by someone in Canada. Perhaps they want to jump on the bandwagon, but for more meaningful chat interactions?

Here are other notable sales from Sedo this past week.

.Com 20000 USD 16500 USD 15000 USD 14000 USD 11000 EUR 10000 USD 10000 USD 9500 USD 8400 USD 8000 USD 7810 USD 7500 EUR 7000 EUR 6900 USD 5600 USD 5280 USD 5101 USD 5001 USD 5000 EUR 5000 EUR 5000 USD

ccTLDs 23000 EUR 20000 EUR 15000 EUR 15000 USD 12000 EUR 6610 GBP 6500 GBP 6000 EUR 5400 EUR 5000 USD

Other 9888 USD 8430 EUR 6100 USD 5200 USD 5100 USD 5000 USD

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