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Viacom company buys

May 21, 2012Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, viacom, web site salesComments Off on Viacom company buys

NextMovie picks up

MTV Networks site NextMovie has acquired, the company announced last week.

MTV Networks is part of publicly traded Viacom.

This was not a domain name purchase; it was a full fledged web business. has a U.S. Quantcast rank of about 15,000.

Still, it’s always noteworthy to see web sites built on fantastic domains like this change hands.

I searched Viacom’s SEC filings and can’t find any information about the acquisition. It was probably fairly small for the $25 billion (market cap) company. But we might get more information in the company’s next quarterly report.

(Thanks to DNW reader Josh Sexton for bringing this acquisition to my attention.)

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