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NBA, MLB, and NFL apply for top level domains

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Are you ready for .baseball?

The United States’ three biggest professional sports leagues have applied to ICANN to run their own top level domains.

As I predicted, Major League Baseball applied for .MLB. It also applied for .baseball. It will face a play-off with .baseball though, as Donuts Inc also applied for the domain. Donuts is the largest new TLD applicant, and submitted the application through its Silver Pass, LLC company.

National Basketball Association applied for only one domain, .nba. It applied under the name NBA Registry, LLC. As a sign of its perhaps defensive intent with the domain, its application email address is — the same address to send copyright violations to. Three parties submitted applications for .basketball.

National Football League also applied for its moniker, .nfl. Two companies applied for .football, but the NFL is sitting that one out.

It doesn’t look like the the National Hockey League or PGA applied for top level domains.

Update: I see that Major League Soccer applied for .soccer.

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