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January 6, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire,, Policy & Law, salesforce.comComments Off on can’t force owner of to hand over domain loses dispute over domain name at National Arbitration Forum. has lost an attempt to get the domain name, which it said was similar to its domain name.

The registrant’s predecessor had registered the domain name before started using the domain name. As Elliot Silver pointed out when the case was filed, the domain name also had a page about the armed forces.

A three member National Arbitration Forum panel found that the domain name was not confusingly similar to a mark in which had rights. owner Internet Venture Holdings, Inc. was represented by John Berryhill.

I find this UDRP filing rather interesting since the company is savvy about the value of generic domain names. It purchased for $4.5 million and also owns (the sales price on was likely at least $2.6 million since a party bought it at auction for that much). CEO Marc Benioff even sold the domain name

For a company savvy about great generic domain names, why would it take this approach for

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