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Priority Inbox? How About Secure Inbox?

September 6, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, gmail, UncategorizedComments Off on Priority Inbox? How About Secure Inbox?

Let’s increase the security on webmail.

Last week Google launched its new Gmail Priority Inbox feature to great fanfare. It’s a fantastic feature for people suffering from email overload.

I have another suggestion for Gmail. Usage of web-based email services has exploded to the point that many people and companies keep critical information in their hosted inboxes. This has led to some high profile security breaches.

I propose “secure inbox”, an added layer of security for important emails. These emails would require an additional password to be entered in order to view the email.

For example, you might have an email that includes your stock brokerage login and password. If someone got access to your Gmail account they could then get access to your brokerage account. But by clicking a button you could password protect the brokerage email, meaning that someone who compromises your inbox can’t access this sensitive email without cracking another password.

Perhaps it could also include two factor authentication such as sending a text to your email when a sensitive email is viewed. You could also set certain types of emails to automatically be password protected, such as trade confirmations from your broker, password reset emails, or bank statements.

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