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My Sales Results from One Year of Go Daddy Premium Listings

December 16, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy premium listing, godaddy.comComments Off on My Sales Results from One Year of Go Daddy Premium Listings

The future of SMB domain sales is in the registration path.

It’s been about a year since I first start using Go Daddy’s Premium Listings option for selling domain names. This option lists your domain names for sale in Go Daddy Auctions, but more importantly in the registration path on when someone wants to register a domain name you own:

Godaddy premium listing

I currently have about 250-300 domains with Premium Listings at Go Daddy, although for most of the year it was in the range of 100-150 domain names. As of yesterday I’ve sold five domains through the service:

$950 in February
$500 in June
$449 in September
$4000 in October
$347 in December

You may be thinking that only one of the sales is decent. I disagree. In all cases I made a healthy profit. The domain name that sold for $500 is one I’d listed many times on many venues and never got an offer over $60. The one I just sold for $347 I considered dropping when it came up for renewal this year. And the one I sold for $4,000? I bought it on Snapnames for $59 just last year.

If you consider I had an average of 200 listings during the year then my sell through rate (so far) from Premium Listings alone is 2.5%. It’s a small sample size but that’s a great number. Although Go Daddy charges a 30% commission I’ve just baked that into my asking prices for the domains. Another bonus: I don’t have to deal with transferring domains I sell. It happens instantly and automatically.

This is one reason I’m excited about Afternic expanding its premium promotion level partners before the end of the year. Now if you have domains at Moniker or eNom you’ll be able to list them for sale through Afternic’s service, getting your domains in the registration path at large end user registrars such as Register and Network Solutions.

When it comes to selling domain names to small and medium businesses, this type of sales distribution is the wave of the future.

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