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Go Daddy creates process to eliminate 60 day transfer lock

June 1, 2012Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy, GoDaddy, godaddy 60 day transfer lockComments Off on Go Daddy creates process to eliminate 60 day transfer lock offers way to remove 60 day lock on domain transfers after certain registrant changes.

Update: Read more about Go Daddy’s new transfer lock policy here.

Ah, the dreaded 60 day lock.

Go Daddy has taken quite a bit of flack over the years for rejecting transfers to other registrars if you changed certain registrant information within the previous 60 days.

But under a new policy, customers will have a formal way to request the sixty day hold be removed. Go Daddy will review the account for certain suspicious activity before removing the hold. If it removes the hold, Go Daddy will first change the registrant name back to what it was before the change was made that resulted in the 60 day lock.

“We understand our 60 day lock has been controversial,” said James Bladel, Director, Policy Planning for Go Daddy. “What is boils down to is, while it’s a very good tool for intercepting and preventing hijacking…we recognize that our efforts to address that problem shouldn’t be a hindrance to legitimate users of domain names that want transfers to be a little more simple.”

A new inter-registrar transfer policy goes into effect for all domain registrars today. It requires registrars to make an emergency contact available in the event of urgent transfer issues. Bladel said this should make it easier for registrars to work on reversing domain hijackings. Previously, half the battle was getting the other registrar on the phone, Bladel said.

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