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Go Daddy Has Donated $4.2 Million To Charity Already This Year

May 19, 2011Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy, GoDaddy, godaddy caresComments Off on Go Daddy Has Donated $4.2 Million To Charity Already This Year

Domain registrar tops last year’s donations, and it’s only May.

Through just five months of 2011, domain name registrar Go Daddy has already donated more to charity than it did all of last year.

Go Daddy’s philanthropic organization Go Daddy Cares has donated $4.2 million to charity so far this year, compared to $3.4 million all of last year, the company announced today.

One of the biggest beneficiaries is Hope for Haiti, recipient of $1 million in donations from the company. Go Daddy is currently letting customers “round up for charity” by rounding up the cost of their purchases to the nearest dollar and donating the difference (matched by Go Daddy) to Hope for Haiti.

But the money has been spread across more than 50 charities according to this ongoing ticker at (The ticker’s total is as of April 5, so it’s a bit behind).

By my calculation, Go Daddy’s donations year-to-date come out to about 9 cents per domain currently registered at Go Daddy, and about $1,300 per employee.

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