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Go Daddy climbs back online

September 10, 2012Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, godaddy down, downComments Off on Go Daddy climbs back online and access to millions of sites finally being restored.

GoDaddy DownWith domain name registrar Go Daddy and millions of sites down today, clicking on a Google search result was a bit like playing roulette: you might get a blank result.

A Go Daddy spokesperson told me the problems began around 10 am PDT today. I was in a meeting at the time, and saw a tweet from Go Daddy about site problems. I clicked over to and it didn’t resolve.

I then checked Domain Name Wire, which is hosted with GoDaddy, and found it was down. My blogging colleagues Elliot Silver and Kevin Murphy had non-resolving sites as well.

Domain Name Wire came back for a bit, then it kept resolving but showing database errors.

I’m finally getting back…the first traffic appears to have hit Domain Name Wire again around 4:45 PM CDT. The site is back up with a landing page but is not operational yet (see picture above).

Obviously this is very frustrating as a site owner using GoDaddy hosting.

However, it’s not as painful as my previous experience with web hosting.

1. When my site would go down, I wasn’t sure if anyone was working on it or not. At least in this case you know hundreds of people are running around trying to restore service.

2. My last host had problems precisely when I couldn’t afford it: when I was getting a lot of traffic. So far Go Daddy has handled my hosting fine when I’ve received a spike in traffic.

3. It wasn’t just me who was down. For some reason that brings comfort.

Finally, I’ve got to say it’s ironic that the outage managed to bring down, too.

As of right now the site, which is not hosted on GoDaddy, shows that it’s over its serving quota.

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