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Go Daddy Premium Listings New Business Model for Domainers

February 10, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy, premium listingsComments Off on Go Daddy Premium Listings New Business Model for Domainers

Some domainers get bulk of revenue from Go Daddy sales service.

I’ve written before about my success with Go Daddy Premium Listings that place your domain names for sale directly in front of buyers in the Go Daddy registration path. But with only a few hundred domains at Go Daddy my sample size is small.

While at DOMAINfest last week I spoke to a few people who have large portfolios at Go Daddy. Two of them told me Go Daddy Premium Listings have basically become their business model, bringing in the lion’s share of revenue each month.

One person spends all day buying domains on Go Daddy auctions for $10, listing them on Premium Listings, and waiting for the right buyer to come along.

This changes the math of domain ownership. As your portfolio turnover increases the average income per domain increases.

Afternic now offers a service that syndicates your domain listings in the registration path at four of the top ten registrars, which should help people who don’t have their domains at Go Daddy take advantage of similar distribution.

I also heard that at least one major registrars is trying to hook up with Go Daddy to let its customers sell through Premium Listings. This is an interesting proposition. On the one hand Go Daddy can “lock in” customers to stay on Go Daddy if they don’t partner with other registrars. On the other hand their are people who prefer to use other registrars and this would give Go Daddy access to more Premium Listing inventory. It could also make Go Daddy the focal point of the aftermarket — something it has struggled to do to date.

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