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Political Attack Video Associates Candidate with Bob Parsons

June 2, 2010bob parsons, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy, godaddy girlsComments Off on Political Attack Video Associates Candidate with Bob Parsons

Attack juxtaposes conservative candidate with “porn domain name seller”.

A political attack ad by a group known as “Coalition for Iowa Values” is going after an Iowa Republican congressional primary candidate by associating him with Go Daddy’s Bob Parsons.

The ad goes after Rob Gettemy, whom Parsons is supporting in the primary, by juxtaposing Gettemy’s supposed “values” against video of Go Daddy girls shedding their clothes.

The video is titled “Who’s Your Daddy”. It labels Parsons a “porn domain name seller” and says “Maybe someone should tell Rob that Congress has enough people with values”.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a conservative group has gone after Parsons. It has given the company a lot of free press, such as when Morality in Media sent out a press release urging parents to view the company’s Super Bowl commercials before they aired.

The ad also goes after Gettemy for profiting from his religious t-shirt company IM4JC. Gettemy registered the domain name at GoDaddy but it has expired. Gettemy used GoDaddy’s domain ownership protection product, so the domain name hasn’t been deleted. Hey Rob, give Bob a call to get your domain name back up.

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