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A Quick Way to Slash Your Go Daddy Premium Commissions By 33%

August 16, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy, godaddy premium domainComments Off on A Quick Way to Slash Your Go Daddy Premium Commissions By 33%

Reduce your commission rate by changing your price.

Last week I sold a domain through GoDaddy Premium Listings for $1,750. I’m happy with the sale, although is stings to pay a $525 commission.

A couple weeks ago Adam Strong noted that GoDaddy reduced its fee on Premium Listings sales from 30% to 20%, but only on listings created in August. He suggested deleting and re-adding domains to take advantage of the lower commission rate. For the domain I just sold it would have saved me $175 in commissions.

One of my readers emailed me about an easier way to reduce your commission rate from 30% to 20%. Instead of deleting and re-adding a listing, you can just change the price. This changes the rate to 20%.

This is easy to do by editing each domain name. But if you have a lot of domains on the system this is too time consuming.

I found that you can do a bulk edit fairly easily once you know where to look.

1. Go to Tools > Exportable Lists

2. Click “Add New Export”

3. Choose “Premium Listings” from the drop down and click “Next”

4. Check the box for “List Price” and click “Next”

Now you have a .csv of all of your listings and prices. Open the .csv.

5. Change the columns to the format domain, price (you may need to use the “concatenate” function)

6. Change your prices on each domain

7. Copy the list

8. Go Buy/Sell > Premium Listings

9. Click “Advanced Edit” and paste the list, hit “OK”

I found the Advanced Edit feature to freeze if you input a lot of domains, so you might need to do them in batches.

I suppose a friendly account rep might be able to bulk change the prices for you, too.

Hat tip: Joshua

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