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Google Searches for Typo Traffic to .Com Alternatives

September 23, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, goog, google, UncategorizedComments Off on Google Searches for Typo Traffic to .Com Alternatives

Google buys typos of ccTLDs and top level domain names other than .com

Over the past few days Google has ramped up its efforts to get country code and top level domain name typos in the .com version.

For example, it has registered dozens of domains in the format:


including (India), (Luxembourg), and (Western Somoa).

The company has also registered or acquired a number of names including,,, and

No need for dashes, though. A common typo is to forget the dot between a second level and first level domain name. .Com is often appended. So the company has picked up domains such as, a typo of

Typo traffic to Google is immense. Google’s land grab show just how powerful .com is for all companies, regardless of the top level domain name people are trying to visit.

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