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Google to Take on Woopra and ChartBeat

September 30, 2011Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google analyticsComments Off on Google to Take on Woopra and ChartBeat

Google Analytics goes real-time.

Web analytics companies already know they need to quickly adapt to survive. Remember when Google acquired Urchin and then offered its suite for free as Google Analytics? Yeah, that shook things up.

Today Google announced real-time functionality in Google Analytics. This is a blow to two popular real time services: Woopra and ChartBeat. I’ve tried both paid services and personally like Woopra better.

Real time analytics is important for bloggers, news sites, and other publishers who see their traffic fluctuate based on posts and campaigns. It’s also a cool “nice to have” for stats junkies.

Although real time hasn’t been turned on for all Google Analytics clients yet (including myself), it will be interesting to see the full feature set. If I were Woopra or ChartBeat, I’d accelerate my roadmap ASAP to keep a step ahead.

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