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Google Public DNS Could Be Data Treasure Trove for Google

December 3, 2009Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google dnsComments Off on Google Public DNS Could Be Data Treasure Trove for Google

Google DNS is a big deal.

Google announced today that it is launching Google Public DNS, a free DNS resolver that promises to speed up the web. This is a big deal for web site owners and domainers. Here’s why.

1. Google may have just killed OpenDNS. OpenDNS does effectively the same thing Google hopes to do with its DNS. OpenDNS (which I personally use) makes money by showing ads when you type in a domain that doesn’t exist. This is similar to what Verizon does. Now Google is competing with OpenDNS, and has a lot more to gain datawise. Meaning it will probably be free, with no catches, and could kill OpenDNS if Google adds more features to match OpenDNS.

2. Google could bring the ad game to non resolving domains. If they want to, they can play the OpenDNS game (see #1).

3. Public DNS will enable Google to determine where your browser takes you. For now, the company claims it won’t hijack your browser and play tricks, but the potential is there.

4. Data, Data, Data. DNS operators get loads of data. From non-existent domain queries (which many ISPs have sold to domainers) to traffic data, it’s a lot more than Google already gets. Google gets most of its data from searches that start at Google. It also gets some from its Adsense ads, Google Analytics, etc. But now it has the power to get complete web browsing data for people who use its DNS. Imagine if it used this data in its search algorithms?

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