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With Google Instant Search, GoDaddy is More Popular than God

September 8, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, google instant search, UncategorizedComments Off on With Google Instant Search, GoDaddy is More Popular than God

Google changes could be important. And I really mean it this time.

There have been plenty of times where pundits have said changes at Google would turn the web on its head. They (and I) have been wrong.

But this time may be different.

When you start thinking about the implications of Instant Search your head starts to spin. Just think about it from the advertising perspective. Efficient Frontier did, and my head is spinning. Think about how many untargeted impressions your ad might start showing up for!

I played around with Instant Search tonight and already found some startling things. Type “god”, and your instant search results won’t be for religion. They’ll be for GoDaddy — unless you hit the enter key after typing “god”.

Godaddy god

Start searching for “Domain Name Wi” and results will show up for “Domain Name Wiki” with “Domain Name Wire” as the second suggestion. Hopefully people continue typing all the way. Of course, you get an entirely different set of results when you hit enter after “wi”.

Also think about singular vs. plural. Suddenly, ranking higher for the singular version of a word might be better if people stop typing before they type the ‘s’.

This change could radically affect search traffic. Pay attention to your analytics over the next few days — it could be a wild ride!

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