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Google Launches “Map Your Valentine”

February 12, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, google valentines,, UncategorizedComments Off on Google Launches “Map Your Valentine”

Map your Valentine with Google.

MapYourValentine.comOn Thursday I wrote about how Google had registered the domain names & .org and & .org.

Today is now active and invites you to “Use Google Maps to remind your Valentine of a special place.”

Essentially it’s what I guessed on Thursday with an added Google maps component. The service let’s you send a Valentine’s eCard to someone but with a twist — remembering a special place. It integrates with Google Maps and places the map inside a heart.

So now you can send an eCard with your college dorm room location and say “Remember when your roommate caught us?…”

Or maybe something more romantic.

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