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U.S. Government to Drop .Gov Domain Names

June 14, domain, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & LawComments Off on U.S. Government to Drop .Gov Domain Names

.Gov domain deletions coming. Of course, you can’t have any.

Via comes news that the White House wants to trim the number of .gov domain names and associated web sites.

I find it ironic that the Obama administration is the one to crack down on the number of web sites and .gov domains (numbered at 2,000 at the second level) given that it has probably embraced special purpose .gov domains more than any previous administration. Think

But the bigger purge will be of government web sites numbering 24,000. The Energy Department alone thinks it can save $10 million a year by combining its sites.

Perhaps they could start by informing the author of this memo (pdf) that posting a list of .gov “top level domains” will be easy. .Gov itself is the only top level domain. The next level below that is second level domains.

The government will post this list of all second level .gov domain names on…wait for it…

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