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My picks for Sedo’s Great Domains auction

May 21, 2012domain auction, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, sedoComments Off on My picks for Sedo’s Great Domains auction

Great Domains auction ends Thursday. Here’s what I like.

This month’s Great Domains auction at Sedo ends on Thursday. The lineup doesn’t include as many big ticket domains as usual; there’s only one domain with a reserve over $25,000. But that’s OK, there are some good domains worthy of attention.

Here are ones that popped out to me: – With a reserve range $10k-$25k, this would be good only if you have a plan for the domain. I can think of multiple tie-ins to social media. – Also has a reserve range $10k-$25k. Not a very commerce-friendly domain, but would be good for a video game, movie, etc. – I’ve looked at wine fridges/beverage fridges for our new house. Not cheap. Reserve is met with a top bid of $1,049. – I like this one because I used to own it :) I don’t recall what I sold it for, but the domain is currently $100 with the reserve met. – reserve is $5k-$10k. May be a little high, but good market for this.

There’s also a wonderful opportunity in a non-Great Domains auction on Sedo. is currently $3,100 with a Wednesday end date. This is a great brandable domain.

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Next Navigation Sells and More

February 8, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, next navigation, sedoComments Off on Next Navigation Sells and More

Australian company cashes in in latest Great Domains auction.

Australia-based Next Navigation has sold for $33,500, one of several domains it sold through the most recent Great Domains auction on Sedo.

The company also sold: for $20,600 for $13,600 for $12,854 for $10,099 for $1,050 for $3,800

The company has a developed site at, which is an online forum for Australian stock shares. Next Navigation also owns but it appears to still be under development. The company’s web site says “Next Navigation Pty Ltd provides salary research and survey information through our brand. We also offer a salary information search service at”.

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MLB Has Another Chance to Get

August 19, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, major league baseballComments Off on MLB Has Another Chance to Get is up for sale at a reasonable price.

Yesterday Major League Baseball passed on buying, one of seven team names it does not own the domain for , at the DOMAINfest auction. But next week it’s getting another chance at, which is up for auction at GreatDomains with a reserve price of $100,000-$250,000.

The owner of the domain name had previously offered to sell it to an unidentified agent working for MLB for $300,000. The league balked and filed a UDRP against the owner, but MLB lost.

Filing a UDRP after failing to buy a domain creates a lot of bad will that could be carried over into a negotiation. But the domain is now in a live auction, which means no negotiating will be required. Given the price range, I wouldn’t be surprised to see MLB pick up the domain.

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May 17, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, kelly pitts,, sedoComments Off on Headed to Auction owner Kelly Pitts tells how he got the domain — and why he’s putting it up for auction.

The next Sedo Great Domains auction kicks off Thursday, and my pick for the top domain name on the list is It’s a spectacular category killer domain name that also has branding potential. I reached out to owner Kelly Pitts to find out when he acquired the domain name and why he has decided to offer it for sale.

When did you originally register/acquire, and why did you choose the domain name?

I registered it in November 1995. It was available at the time for registration, as was almost every produce domain. I had started registering domains in August of 1995 and this one one of many I registered before the year’s end. I did not even own a computer at the time, but was instead going over to a friend’s house to use his computer to fill out the applications on and others.

Mainly though, I registered this domain because it gave me a representation in the produce niche, it was extremely memorable, could be used for many different purposes, and lastly because I am from Georgia. So it made sense.

What have you done with the domain name since then?

Even though I developed some 400 domains by 2000 I did not develop this one to any great length. I had to pick and choose what domains to develop since it was much more expensive back then to develop domains. Everything from software, computers, internet connections, to tech help was much more expensive than it is now. Truthfully, great category killer domains like have helped fuel my development and domain acquisition efforts to a great degree over the years since they kept spinning off passive income. I think this can be said is true for most of the old school domainers. Those early purchases helped propel most of us through the ninetees, oughts, and still do to this day.

I’ve parked the domain and tried affiliate programs going back to the 90’s for everything from peaches, peach trees, dating, adult, presents, gift baskets, fruit baskets, ringtones, domain names, jewelry, etc… and every one of them have converted to sales. The traffic volume helps to this end. The sheer traffic volume that comes with great domains like this one can make for decent income in affiliate programs or redirects.

Why did you decide to sell the domain?

I’ve decided to sell the domain because just like many other “older” domainers out there I have come to the realization that time is finite for the living and developing will never be my passion like it could be with other domain names I own. Therefore, I want to sell some domain assets and get into other new domain assets, as well as other traditional investments as part of a regular, prudent approach to investing.

I’m definitely am going to invest some of the proceeds in ccTLDs. I see the ccTLDs as being the next real exciting place to be. There is an opportunity right now in the market to take the profits from and some other great category killer domain sales and reinvest in the ccTLD market and ride that wave to new highs. It’s a treacherous investment realm, but so was .com back in the nineties. It’s where the fun still is because plenty of direct navigation traffic is available for the taking at reg fee. The ccTLD market reminds me of buying domains in 1998 in the .com extension. I totally believe there is an incredible opportunity to replicate what I did in the .com again in the foreign markets. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and to a lesser extent some other languages, so the opportunity to shift into those markets at a greater clip has been screaming at me to take advantage of. I’ll be moving out of the .com and into ccTLDs to a larger degree after some sales occur. and others I am/will be selling will further that cause.

Basically, It’s time for someone else to develop and for me to part ways and move on to new hunting grounds.

Who do you think the ideal buyer is?

I think it could be used by so many companies for the memorable qualities it has to represent a multitude of prodservs.

It’s also extremely brandable, yet generic…..the best of both worlds. That is hard to say about many generic domain names.

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Last Minute Picks for Today’s Great Domains Auction

February 25, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, sedoComments Off on Last Minute Picks for Today’s Great Domains Auction

Here are some domains to keep an eye on in the waning moments of this month’s Great Domains auction.

By the time you read this, you have less than two hours before the end of this month’s Great Domains auction at Sedo. Auctions will close at noon EST, unless they are extended due to last minute bidding.

But there are some good deals to be had. Here are a few. – the reserve is met and it’s under $1,000…for now. Update: domain sold for $3,600. – as far as three letter acronyms go, this one has a lot of possible matches. The reserve is met with a current price of $10,099. Update: domain sold for $12,501. – this is one of those brandable generics. Lots of uses, but I’m not sure how much more than the current $1,550 I’d pay. The reserve has been met. Update: domain sold for $2,055. – perhaps I’m just reminiscing about my days collecting baseball cards. That was before I collected domain names. $575 with the reserve met…although there are seven bids. Update: domain sold for $1,850.

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Making Sedo’s Multi-Bid Interface Better

December 10, 2009Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, sedoComments Off on Making Sedo’s Multi-Bid Interface Better

Four ways to improve the Sedo bulk bidding interface.

If you missed the conclusion of Sedo’s December Great Domains auction, you missed some great deals. I picked up five good domains at nice prices. Don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up.

This was the first time I was bidding on multiple domains that closed at the same time on Sedo, so it was my first experience with Sedo’s “bulk” bidding system. It worked fine, but there are several ways it can be approved.

Sedo bulk bidding

First, the good stuff. The interface it clean and loads relatively fast. The graphics on the left of each domain were intuitive: green means I’m winning, red means I’m losing, and yellow means the reserve isn’t met. Also, the domains are ordered by closing time as a default. That makes sense.

Now, here are a few ways to improve the interface:

Don’t make me agree to terms with each submitted bid. Perhaps because of its legacy offer/counter-offer system, every time you submit new bids you have to check a couple boxes. You’re agreeing to terms and conditions. But this adds steps — and time — to the bulk bidding process.

Add an “up” arrow to increase bids to next minimum bid increment. I kept getting an error when I submitted a few bids at once. The error message informed me that one of my bids was too low. I triple checked and found that my bids were all higher than the existing high bids. I finally deduced that one of them didn’t meet the next bid increment, even though it was higher than the current bid. Sedo could take a play out of the Snapnames playbook here. SnapNames has a little button you can click to increase your bid one “increment” above the existing bid. It’s rather intuitive.

Make error messages specific to a particular bid. See the previous recommendation. I was submitting three bids at once, but got a generic message that my bid was too low. It didn’t identify which bid was too low. If the message was directly below the domain at issue (or specified which one), it would have helped me figure out the problem much faster.

Create tooltips for the icons on the right. The icons to the right of the screen (see red circle) aren’t very intuitive. Who knew that a pencil lets you enter alerts? Add some tooltips that show when you hover over the icons.

Now, I’m not complaining. I got some great deals on five domains, and obviously I worked through the interface fine. But when I get carpal tunnel from checking all those confirmation boxes, you know who I’m calling.

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Great Domains Auction Ends Today at Noon EST

December 10, 2009Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, sedoComments Off on Great Domains Auction Ends Today at Noon EST

Final Great Domains auction of the year ends today.

December’s Great Domains auction at Sedo ends today at noon EST.

As of the time of writing, the top domain to have met its reserve is at $11,000. The top bid overall is 48,000 EUR for But this is shy of the reserve range of 50,000-99,000 EUR.

There may be some bargains to be had for astute buyers. Take a look at, currently at $20,000. The reserve range is $50,000-$100,000, and this seems like a fair price for the right buyer. Also take a look at, which Live Current Media has on the block for somewhere between $100,000-$250,000.

With tax season just around the corner, has already met its reserve of $7,000. Also see, which has met its reserve at $8,101.

Here are a few others that warrant your attention: – reserve is $10k-$25k. If it’s closer to the low side of this range then this is a no-brainer. – includes a web site, but it doesn’t appear to be very active. It would need to be near the low end of the range to be a good buy. – heavy bidding (22 bids) with a good domain. Reserve met, bidding at $1,000. – at under $5,000, seems like a good deal for a real estate agent. But many people probably just think of it as “New York City Realtor”.

There are also a number of no reserve domains that haven’t received bids yet.

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