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Sedo GreatDomains auction ends Thursday. Here’s a look.

September 25, 2012Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, greatdomains, sedoComments Off on Sedo GreatDomains auction ends Thursday. Here’s a look.

17 domains have already met their reserves with a couple days to go.

Sedo’s monthly GreatDomains auction ends Thursday.

So far 17 of the 217 domain names have met their reserves. The highest domain name to have met its reserve is at $5,000.

Another three letter .com attracting attention is at $14,000, although its reserve of up to $25,000 hasn’t been met. leads the list with a $26,000 bid but that’s below the reserve as well.

The auction for is heated and I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches its reserve (somewhere under $10,000) before the auction is over.

I have one domain in the auction — fittingly,

Sedo has an interesting auction that’s not part of GreatDomains, too: has a single bidder at 6,750 EUR. That’s a solid price for a .biz domain. The same domain traded hands back in 2010 for $1,551.

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