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Warner Bros Wants Domain Name For Its Upcoming Sequel

July 15, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, happy feet 2, National Arbitration Forum, Policy & Law, warner brosComments Off on Warner Bros Wants Domain Name For Its Upcoming Sequel

Company files for arbitration to get domain name.

Happy FeetWarner Bros is planning a sequel to its 2006 hit Happy Feet, and this time around it wants a good domain name for its movie web site.

The company has filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum against the owner of the domain name. Domain arbitration cases usually take 1-2 months, so they should have the domain name in time for the November theatrical release.

The domain name was actually originally registered in 2004 (before the release of the original movie) but has changed hands multiple times since then.

Warner Bros doesn’t own, which is used by a footwear store. It might be wise for it to look forward for once and register That domain was registered but has since become available for registration.

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