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HP Puts Domain Name on the Auction Block

September 21, 2010domain auction, Domain Sales, DOMAINfest, Domaining, Domainnamewire, hp, MonikerComments Off on HP Puts Domain Name on the Auction Block goes up for sale.

Technology giant HP is offering the domain name for sale, but it’s going to cost you.

The domain name has been listed in Moniker‘s upcoming live domain name auction taking place in Prague October 6. Reserve price: somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

HP got the domain name when it acquired Compaq.

Moniker will auction off 80 other domain names during its DOMAINfest conference live domain name auction.

Among the domains are “me too” domains. I call them “me too” because they obviously hope to capitalize on recent big dollar sales.

But in this case the me too domains are good ones. It’s not like they’re trying to sell because sold for $800,000 earlier this year. Instead, it’s Also on the block is, trying to capitalize on the $5.5 million sale of has a $750k-$1M reserve, and is above $1M. These seem lofty, but you never know.

IdeaLab is also getting in on the action, offering for somewhere over $1M.

Here are some of the domains in the auction that I like within the stated reserve range: $50k-$100k $10k-$25k $25k-$50k $2.5k-$5k $25k-$50k – would be good for a magazine or retailers’ consortium $50k-$100k – I’d love to see a site with all of the listed house short sales in the area $250k-$500k – I like this at the lower end of the range

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