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ICANN Kills Two More Domain Name Registrars

May 17, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, icann accredited registrarsComments Off on ICANN Kills Two More Domain Name Registrars

ICANN cites two registrars for breach of contract.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has de-accredited two domain name registrars for violating their accreditation agreements.

The two registrars — Mobiline USA, Inc., and Western United Domains, Inc. — were sent termination notices on May 14.

Mobiline, which has a web site at, was warned on April 15 that it was in breach of its contract with ICANN for failing to escrow whois data. All registrars are required to escrow the whois data of their domain names with a third party in the case of failure. On April 20 ICANN sent another letter to Mobiline informing it that it was in breach for failure to pay accreditation fees. (The first breach notice is on ICANN’s web site, the second is not.) According to ICANN, Mobiline owes ICANN $18,263.38 in accreditation fees.

Western United was cited for the same breaches as Mobiline on the same dates. However, Western United probably didn’t receive the notices because ICANN also noted that it has failed to keep accurate contact information on file with ICANN. It owes $19,346.97 in accreditation fees.

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