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ICANN Considers Security Concerns for Kenya Meeting

January 21, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, icann, icann kenya, icann nairobi, Policy & LawComments Off on ICANN Considers Security Concerns for Kenya Meeting

Meeting might be moved to different location in Kenya.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has called a special meeting of the Board of Directors to address security concerns for the upcoming ICANN meeting in Kenya.

Although the details on ICANN’s web site are minimal, an editorial in ComputerWorld Kenya suggests ICANN is considering moving the meeting from Nairobi to a UN compound in Gigiriin.

This isn’t the first time security concerns have affected an ICANN meeting in Kenya. A meeting was planned for last year, but was canceled after social unrest following the 2007 Kenyan elections.

The editorial suggests that ICANN has a double standard, holding meetings in Mexico City and Seoul but not Kenya.

I think ICANN has its double standards; if they were truly concerned about the security, the meeting in Seoul would not have taken place; South Korea is always under alert because of North Korea nuclear intentions.

The meeting in Mexico city would not have gone on, after all every one there is said to carry a gun and the senior executives within ICANN membership were at risk of kidnappings. But the meetings took place.

Last year I discussed how Mexico City was a poor choice due to security concerns.

But the editorial also suggests that an ICANN meeting in Nairobi would happen without incident:

In short, ICANN should know that they will come, they will hold their meeting, they will go away, and no one will probably remember they were here. How many people know about ICANN and what it does? How many people know that the people present are online millionaires?

Perhaps. But it’s only a matter of time before an “online millionaire” has an unfortunate experience at an ICANN event held in the wrong place.

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