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May 7, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, idn newsletter, idnsComments Off on IDN Sale Nets $5k in an Hour

IDN Newsletter gets strong start with domains. recently did a deal with IDN Newsletter to sell its portfolio of company-owned internationalized domains names. IDN Newsletter is similar to other domain sales newsletters except, well, it only includes IDNs.

IDN Newsletter informs us that it sold over $5,000 worth of’s IDN names today within the first hour of its mailing. Top sales include:

Body Work, Japanese

Bonds, Chinese

Mom, Hebrew

The domains is selling through IDN Newsletter have standard Latin-script top level domains and use other scripts for the second level domain name. Until this week all TLDs were in Latin scripts, but three country code TLDs are now available in Arabic — and more are on the way.

Based on VeriSign’s current plans, owners of these IDN .com domains will have rights to register “.com equivalents” in IDNs when they become available.

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