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Woops! Court Appointed Receiver Lets Zuccarini Domains Expire, Auctioned Off on NameJet

June 4, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, injunction, lawsuits, NameJet, Network Solutions, Policy & Law, zuccariniComments Off on Woops! Court Appointed Receiver Lets Zuccarini Domains Expire, Auctioned Off on NameJet

Domains that were part of legal judgment are accidentally auctioned off.

Congratulations Michael Berkens, you’ve just uncovered a big mess by accident.

On May 25, Berkens wrote about the auctioning off of on NameJet for $53,022. The story also mentions other expired domains that sold on NameJet at the same time, such as for $4,950, for $3,950, for $2,750, and $2,500.

But there’s a problem. These domain names were part of the estate of John Zuccarini. Office Depot won a cybersquatting judgment against Zuccarini and later assigned its rights under the judgment to DS Holdings. DS Holdings was to recover part of the penalties against Zuccarini by selling the domain names. The court appointed a receiver, Michael Blacksburg, to hold onto the domains during the lengthy court process. But Blacksburg appears to have dropped the ball and let the domain names expire!

Since the domain names were at Network Solutions, they were automatically sent to auction at NameJet, where just the domains sold on one day topped $65,000 combined. The domains include:

Now the court is being asked for an emergency injunction to lock down the domains. That could be a headache for the new owners of these domain names who bought them on NameJet.

I called Blacksburg yesterday and left a message for comment but he hasn’t responded.

You can read the court filings here (pdf, pdf), which includes as Exhibit A Berkens blog post.

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