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Warner Bros buys for $7500 – a new online game?

May 24, 2012Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, warner brosComments Off on Warner Bros buys for $7500 – a new online game?

Movie studio buys domain — for a new online game or movie?

Movie studio Warner Bros. has purchased the domain name for $7,500 through Afternic.

This is one of those domains with many uses, but that the owner must have known could end up being the title of a movie or game. It’s kind of like, which is in Sedo’s Great Domains auction this week. However, has a lot more commercial uses than

It doesn’t appear that Warner Bros. has any announced movies named Injustice. There’s a documentary about class action lawsuits by this name that’s gaining steam, though. Perhaps the movie studio has bought the distribution rights.

There’s one more clue in the whois record that suggests and entirely different use. The DNS records for the domain have been set to is owned by Turbine Games, a Warner Bros. company that hosts Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Asheron’s Call.

I’ll let any movie buffs or online gamers chime in here if they know more.

[Update: Looks the game theory is right. See comments below.]

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