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Epik Acquires Domain Name Registrar IntrustDomains

July 14, 2011Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, intrust domainsComments Off on Epik Acquires Domain Name Registrar IntrustDomains

Company acquires domain name registrar with a checkered reputation.

Epik has acquired domain name registrar IntrustDomains for an undisclosed account.

In a blog post, Epik founder Rob Monster explains that the acquisition will provide a number of services for managing your domain name assets. In addition to registering domain names, Epik customers will get access to a self-service backorder system. They will also be able to manage their domains at other registrars from within their account.

IntrustDomains has more than 27,000 clients.

If the name IntrustDomains rings a bell, its because you’ve likely received unsolicited email from them about an expiring domain name similar to one you own. When I googled “Intrust Domains this evening”, the first page doesn’t include a link to the site. It’s mostly filled with complaints about the company.

It certainly seems like an interesting acquisition, although Monster has clearly spelled out why he thinks it will be beneficial to his company.

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