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Alexander from Intrust Domains Sure Does Get Around

July 20, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, Expired Domains, intrustdomainsComments Off on Alexander from Intrust Domains Sure Does Get Around

Expired domain emails sure are fishy.

I hadn’t paid much attention to Intrust Domains until Epik announced last week that it had acquired the company. [See update below]

But it just so happens that I’ve been bombarded by email from Intrust over the past week, so I took a deeper look into its marketing.

The emails come from “Alexander”, who’s informing me that a domain name similar to one I own (actually, the domain is one I just let expire myself) will be auctioned off soon.

Alexander invites me to “express interest” in the domain name so they can try to acquire it.

I wasn’t sure why he sent me four separate emails about this opportunity, but I think I’ve figured it out. Alexander appears to be moving a lot, so he may not have received any responses to his earlier emails.

In his first email he lists a P.O. Box in Colorado Springs. In the second email he’s moved to Franklin, Tennessee. The very next day he’s moved again. He’s still in Franklin but has a new street address (read: mailbox). By the fourth email he had moved across the country to Montecito, CA.

Making matters worse, his email address changes every time! Poor Alexander wouldn’t receive a response to his emails even if I tried.

(Hopefully these practices change now that Epik owns the company.)

[Update: Epik Founder Rob Monster says the email marketing activities that have been marketed under the label of Intrust Domains were not included in the acquisition; it was only the registrar itself. See his comments below.]

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