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Intuit buys for 24,100 EUR among 25 end user domain sales

May 16, 2012Afternic, apps, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, intuit, sedoComments Off on Intuit buys for 24,100 EUR among 25 end user domain sales

Intuit picks up domain name and other notable domain purchases.

The biggest name on this week’s end user domain sales report is Intuit. The company (of Quicken and Quickbooks fame) bought for EUR 21,400 at Sedo. It already owns It offers Intuit Apps for many of its products.

Here are other domain name purchases by end users over the past week.


Ad network Multi-View, Inc. made this week’s big $112,000 purchase of

Travel Networks Europe Ltd, owner of rental car finder, paid 3,000 GPB for

Jasper Engines & Transmissions paid $2,000 for

The restaurant data company behind bought for $1,299.

Travel services company HOTELBEDS SPAIN, S.L.U. bought for $1,895 and for $1,295.

University of Toronto mathematician James Colliander bought for $995. It will be interesting to see what he does with it.


Westport, Connecticut cycling/spin studio JoyRide Cycling Studio picked up for $1,495. It currently owns and

Embassy Loans bought the singular version of its domain name — — for $1,500.

Healthcare company Primary Care Partners in South Florida bought for $3,788.

The Catamaran Company, seller of catamarans (a type of boat), paid $2,088 for

Elite Estate Buyers Inc, which already owns, bought for $2,088.

Business intelligence company Third Time dropped the hyphen in its domain name for $1,200 by picking up Nice purchase.

Book publisher Health Communications, Inc, whose slogan is “The Life Issues Publisher”, bought for $8,800. Nice sale.

Godat Landscape Construction Company paid $1,388 for, an L.A. short term rental referral service, bought for $2,100.

It appears that Lufthansa Technik has purchased for $2,500. The whois record for the domain doesn’t mention the company, but the registrant’s email address is, which is owned by Lufthansa. The actual registrant is Gordon Weller, Sr. Director Customer Service & Account Management for the company.

Max New York Life bought for a whopping $21,000.

Affordable Power, L.P., which goes by the name APG&E, picked up for $5,088.

The owner of bought for $2,000.

Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd. bought for $2,655.

A brand new company called Canada Carbon has purchased none other than for $1,995.

Instant Home Loans, Inc. d.b.a. Instant Capital, bought for a strong $14,500. Its web site is

American Trash Management, a unique company whose mission is to “reduce the environmental impact, costs and problems of trash”, bought for $2,188.

Production company Flatland Pictures bought for $1,888. Perhaps the title of an upcoming film?

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Google Promotes Domain Names to Small Businesses

July 20, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, intuit, small business,, UncategorizedComments Off on Google Promotes Domain Names to Small Businesses

Google evangelizes web sites for small businesses.

TexasGetOnline.comRemember all those domain names Google registered last month?

Now we know what they’re for, and it’s good news for domain name owners.

Google is going state-to-state, city-to-city to help small businesses get online. They’ve teamed up with Intuit to offer a web site builder, domain name, web hosting, and Google Places listing free for a year.

Right now they’re in Austin holding in-person workshops to help businesses get started. Google has advertised the workshops extensively around town.

According to, over half of Texas businesses don’t have a web site.

To be sure, you should expect these businesses that don’t have web sites to decide they need to buy an existing domain rather than register an available one. But as more businesses get online they’ll use more web services. A rising tide lifts all boats.

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