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Apple begins forwarding to its web site — and it’s tracking it, too

July 12, 2012apple, Domaining, Domainnamewire, ipad,, UncategorizedComments Off on Apple begins forwarding to its web site — and it’s tracking it, too

Apple smartly measures traffic to recently recovered domain name.

Late last month Apple filed a cybersquatting complaint over the domain name Shortly after filing the complaint the owner of the domain acquiesced, giving the domain to Apple’s lawyers Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton.

For a while after the transfer to Apple’s lawyers the domain didn’t resolve at all. Now it forwards to the iPad page on Apple. Here’s the full URL I’m forwarded to when I enter the web address:

Notice the tracking code after the question mark? That means Apple is tracking the traffic it gets from this domain. It also means the company can determine what visitors who type in ultimately do at the site. Do they buy an iPad?

This information will help Apple in future domain name enforcement activity.

Tracking visitors from a recovered domain is surprisingly advanced for most companies. It’s amazing how few companies end up forwarding recovered domains to their own web site, let alone the right “part” of the web site. (Here, the iPad page instead of just Heck, a good percentage of them end up letting recovered domains expire.

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