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SnapNames releases iPhone App

August 23, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, Expired Domains, iphone apps, SnapNamesComments Off on SnapNames releases iPhone App

Bidding on the go now much easier.

SnapNamesSnapNames just released an iPhone app to make it easier to bid on SnapNames auctions on the go.

The app makes it easier for customers to update bids and see current bidding history from a mobile phone. It does not allow you to place new backorders or bids on domains if you haven’t already done so on the SnapNames web site.

However, the app has a quick link to the mobile site. There you can search for new domain names and place initial bids.

I think this app will be very beneficial to domainers, even with its simple functionality. Sometimes “simple” is best, especially when it comes to something as important as placing a last minute bid in a domain name auction.

The company plans to release an Android app later this year.

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