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Apple Fights for Mexican Domain Name

September 16, 2009apple, Domaining, Domainnamewire, itunes, Policy & Law, udrp, world intellectual property organizationComments Off on Apple Fights for Mexican Domain Name

iPod and iTunes maker fights for Mexican country code domain name.

itunesApple, Inc. has launched a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization over the domain name .Mx is Mexico’s country code, and is the standard second level domain used in the country (although Mexico is now opening up .mx at the first level). The arbitration panel should render a decision on whether Apple gets the domain name within a couple months.

This isn’t Apple’s first foray into arbitration for iTunes-related domain names. In 2008, the company won and through arbitration at National Arbitration Forum. now forwards to a Spanish-language version of The registrar that controlled never transferred the domain to Apple. (That registrar, Lead Networks of India, is currently fighting with ICANN to keep its accreditation.)

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