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Jaegermeister Bombs Shot Cup Seller

May 18, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, jager, National Arbitration Forum, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on Jaegermeister Bombs Shot Cup Seller

Company shuts down web site of specialized “shot cup” seller.

Jager Bomb shot glassYou can say goodbye to Jager Bomb Shot Cups. Well, at least you’ll no longer be able to buy them at

Mast-Jaegermeister AG, known for its strong liqueur, filed a complaint against the owner of with National Arbitration Forum. As it turns out, Jaegermesiter has trademarks for the term “Jager Bomb”.

As early as 2002, consumers began to mix a cocktail drink called the Jager Bomb by combining Jagermeister and Red Bull. Complainant subsequently filed trademark registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and holds numerous trademark registrations for the JAGER BOMB mark…

The respondent, John Marzlak, registered the domain name in 2004. Marzlak didn’t respond to the complaint.

So far Jaegermeister has not filed a complaint against the owner of (no hyphen), which just leads to a “coming soon” page. The company has filed and won two previous UDRP cases for and

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