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CraigsList sues JamesList, the “Craigslist for the rich”

July 20, 2012craigslist, Domaining, Domainnamewire, jameslist, Policy & Law, trademarkComments Off on CraigsList sues JamesList, the “Craigslist for the rich”

Confusingly similar yacht sales platforms.

If you’ve never heard of JamesList, it may be because you aren’t in the market for a Yacht. Or you wouldn’t think of buying one used.

Craigslist has sued (pdf) Jameslist, a classified site for luxury goods such as yachts, jets, and helicopters, for trademark infringement. Craigslist says JamesList’s name is confusingly similar to it, and that JamesList purposely selected its name to sound similar.

Craigslist may have a point, as noted in an article about JamesList in 2010:

“[JamesList CEO] Perski acknowledged the stark simplicity of his new venture by giving it a cheeky name, an obvious word-play on the ubiquitous classified ad site”

Jameslist raised the ire of Craigslist when it filed for U.S. trademarks in 2009, which it later abandoned when Craigslist filed an opposition.

Among Craigslist’s requests: that the domain name be “forefeited, cancelled, or transferred to craigslist”.

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