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Jason Davis Continues to Hit Paydirt with Jobs Domains

August 18, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, jason davisComments Off on Jason Davis Continues to Hit Paydirt with Jobs Domains

Davis sells two great jobs related domain names.

When it comes to job and career related domain names, Jason Davis has one of the finest track records.

I first talked to Davis in 2009 when he sold the domain name CEO Jobs to recruiter Harry Joiner.

Since then he has continued to sell premium job domains, including another transaction with Joiner for

Over the past two weeks Davis has sold and at strong prices.

Despite high unemployment in the U.S., the labor market for high level and technical employees is extremely tight. Just ask anyone trying to hire software developers and systems administrators right now. I think key jobs domains are very valuable to recruiters.

Some of Davis’ other domains I really like are,, and

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