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Biggest Winner from New TLDs May Be Jones Day Law Firm

May 31, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, jones day, Policy & LawComments Off on Biggest Winner from New TLDs May Be Jones Day Law Firm

Jones Day will get hefty pay day defending ICANN new in top level domain name disputes.

Who will make the most money from ICANN’s introduction of new top level domain names?

It’s likely to be law firm Jones Day.

ICANN has already publicly stated that it’s setting aside about a third of the application fees from new top level domain names for legal issues.

Its latest applicant guidebook specifically states that Jones Day is likely to defend ICANN in any legal disputes regarding new top level domain names.

A clause in the terms and conditions states:

Applicant understands that ICANN has a longstanding relationship with Jones Day, an international law firm, and that ICANN intends to continue to be represented by Jones Day throughout the application process and the resulting delegation of TLDs. ICANN does not know whether any particular applicant is or is not a client of Jones Day. To the extent that Applicant is a Jones Day client, by submitting this application, Applicant agrees to execute a waiver permitting Jones Day to represent ICANN adverse to Applicant in the matter…

Some of Jones Day’s clients that may apply for new TLDs include Apple, CBS, GE, and Verizon.

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