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Epik Buys JustDropped

October 15, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, Expired Domains, justdropped, rob monsterComments Off on Epik Buys JustDropped

Epik buys drop catching search and registration tool.

Rob Monster’s Epik has acquired JustDropped, an expired domain search and drop catching service.

Last week at the SedoPro event in Key West Monster and JustDropped owner Dan Rubin were glued at the hip. I chatted with both of them about the future of Epik, but assumed the reason they were so tight was that Monster was using JustDropped for catching domains for his Epik network. Apparently it was a little bit closer than that.

Currently JustDropped is an information service with separate drop catching software. But Monster told me this afternoon that the site will add functionality to let individuals make backorders directly through the service.

This is the second technology acquisition Epik has announced in the past couple months. In August it acquired the DNKO auction platform.

Epik is quickly assembling key pieces to the domain ecosystem. Of course, the trick is pulling them altogether.

By the way, Rob, if you’re looking to acquire a blog… :)

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