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What domains Kanye West and others bought this week

May 25, 2012Afternic, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, kanye west, sedoComments Off on What domains Kanye West and others bought this week

Kanye West buys domain name for new short film.

Kanye West has made some interesting naming decisions in the past. So let’s give him credit for buying for $3,000. Cruel Summer is the name of his new short film.

Here are some other end user domain buys from the past week. All sales took place at Afternic unless otherwise noted.

Forbes writer Rich Karlgaard, who has written about the “Power of Pairs”, paid $1,595 for

I wrote about this one yesterday: Warner Bros bought for $7,500 for a new online game.

Columbus, Ohio insurance company Smart Financial bought for $2,100.

Heifer Project International, the non-profit that lets you give charity gifts of animals such as a sheep and llama, bought for $1,995.

Bank marketing company Financial Marketing Solutions picked up for $2,500 at Sedo.

The owner of upgraded to for $1,300. Smart idea at that price.

DekBrands, which markets a “floating foundation” deck system, bought for a hefty $15,995. Congrats to fellow domainer Gregg Ostrick on the sale.

Printer cartridge recycling company Advantage Cartridge bought for $2,500.

Marketing firm GO media LLC, which owns, paid $835 for at Sedo.

Social Sector Ventures, LLC, a fundraising company, bought for $1,288.

Corpac Steel Products bought for $1,388. Its web site is

Applications2U shortened its URL from to for $1,500.

iCrossing UK, a Hearst company, bought and at Sedo for $1,250 each.

Dating site paid $2,000 for

Washington State Parks paid $4,388 for the clever marketing domain

Louisville heating and cooling company Allgeier Air bought for $796 at Sedo. This company gets it; it already owns

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